100 Years Of Halloween Costume Fashion

If you know about Halloween’s history, you know it’s full of rich, spooky origins, dating back to the Celtics. Even all the way back then, costumes were worn in celebration of the Pagan holiday. That tradition has made it all the way to America, continuing to modern day, with a rich history of transformation and evolution in itself.

During last year’s Halloween, Mode.com celebrated 100 years of Halloween costume fashion one decade at a time, from 1915 through 2015. Afterall, while we love the tricks and treats and all things scary when it comes to the holiday, nothing quite screams Halloween like dressing up as whatever your imagination can muster up. It’s the dressing up in Halloween costumes that allows people to transform for one special day into something else. Into something other worldly. Into¬†putting the norm on hold for that one day.

From spooky to sweet, take a look into Halloween’s costumed past in the below¬†video by Mode. Get ready at the end of the video for what Mode thinks the future holds for Halloween costumes!