2016 Smithville Zombie Walk

While Historic Smithville, NJ may not have the horror-themed past of other cities, like Sleepy Hollow, NJ or Salem, MA, it definitely loves to bring a little spook into its town during October. Plus, with how old the town is (although not officially the town of Smithville at the time, the community dates back all the way to the American Revolutionary War), we’re sure there’s plenty of ghosts lurking around.  The owners of the resident punk store in the historical town, Underground, love all things scary, and as such, bring a little creepiness to the town whenever possible. The town’s annual Oktoberfest is always held in the first weekend of October, but that’s not the only fall and Halloween related event the town holds. The store Underground also sponsors the Smithville Zombie Walk!

Smithville NJ Zombie Walk

Image Credit: historicsmithvillenj.com

While the actual Zombie Walk doesn’t start until the evening, the entire day is full of Halloween fun and lots of spooks. People come dressed to the nines (in the scariest of ways, of course), you can find bands playing throughout the day, and hundreds of vendors set up tents selling creepy gifts. Many of the vendors also take place in a special raffle, where proceeds are donated to a cause in need. You can purchase tickets in the Underground store (look on local maps for Shoppe #92), and towards the end of the day (before everyone turns into the undead to participate in the Zombie Walk, of course), the winners are drawn for lots of fun prizes.

Anyone can participate in the Zombie walk… living and undead alike! Come ready to go in your costume (zombie, or otherwise), or have the face painters that are available for a low fee help you transform into any creature that you can conjure up. You can find the face painters hanging out at the Underground store.

Attending the 2016 Smithville Zombie Walk:
  • Date: October 29, 2016
  • Time: 11:00am – 7:00pm (the Zombie Walk begins at 6:00pm)
  • Location: Village Greene at Historic Smithville
  • Official Town Information


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