2016 Witches Cup Bike Race in Salem

If you’re a history (or Halloween) buff, you know Salem, Massachusetts is all about their witches. The town was put on the map because of its dark past, becoming famous for the 1962 witch trials that were held there. Although grim, these days, the town embraces its historical past, recognizing that there is much to learn from the events. While Salem, MA comes to life during Halloween season, the town also finds many other ways to embrace its witchy past, including the Witches Cup Bike Race.

Salem Witches Cup Bike Race

The Salem Witches Cup Bike Race is an especially important event for the town, because not only is Salem known for their witches, but, albeit being lost for a period of time, it’s known to be a big cycling city, as well (if you’ve ever visited the town, you may have stopped by the store Salem Cycle). The Witches Cup website explains, “In the cycling boom of the 1980s, Salem proudly hosted annual elite calibre bicycle races with national exposure. It’s the goal of the Witches Cup organizers to revive the strong bicycle racing tradition in downtown Salem, Massachusetts. After a seven year lull, the Witches Cup under the direction of Salem-based promoters, returned in 2007.”

The 2016 Witches Cup, held on Wednesday, August 10th this year, will be the 9th year since the reincarnation of the Witches Cup, and the 27th Anniversary of the original Witches Cup!

If you’ve ever been to Salem, you know the Salem Common area, the park right in the middle of downtown Salem where most of the Halloween action takes place. This park can also be seen in the Disney movie Hocus Pocus! This park will be the area of the race; riders will compete in a 70 lap, 35 mile race around the historic Salem Common, circling the park. So, any rider in this event must be a skilled, technical cyclist, able to corner sharply around the park.

Attending the Witches Cup Bike Race: