Endless DIY Halloween Mason Jar Designs With Black And White Paint

For any Do It Yourself-er, mason jar crafts are top notch. They are so easy to make, yet so cute, classy, and can actually be added to any home decor with style. Whether you’re an every day DIY crafter, or love breaking out those creative skills for holiday parties, mason jar craft ideas seem to never have a limit. Of course, I have a particular fondness for Halloween mason jar crafts, and that’s what the below video by Kait Nichole is about. Kait is all about beauty, lifestyle, and DIY, and she took her amazing skills to task by putting together some super cute ideas for Halloween mason jars that are perfect for any skill level.

In her video, Kait reveals two simple designs that can be changed in a variety of ways, by first simply starting with painting one mason jar white and her second mason jar black. She also included cute decorations, like Halloween colored washi tape and twine. Ultimately, she made one mason jar into a  ghost and the other into a fun Halloween quote (“Eat, Drink and Be Scary”). But, because of the simplicity of the way she made these mason jar crafts, you can create many other ideas by working off of Kait’s general black and white paint set-up. For instance, you can turn your Halloween mason jar into a skeleton, witch, black cat, bat, or pumpkin (of course, you may want to use orange paint, rather than black or white, for a pumpkin idea).

Our favorite part about Kait’s DIY Halloween mason jar ideas is that for the black mason jar she used chalk paint. Because of this, (as long as you use chalk and not white paint like she does in the video), you can change up what’s displayed on the jar. Have a new mason jar design whenever you please! Such an easy, yet adaptive, idea. Maybe you’ll even end up taking your chalk paint mason jar from Halloween into Thanksgiving by changing a ghost to a turkey.