3 DIY Halloween Slime Recipes For Gooey-Spooky Fun

For do-it-yourself Pinterest lovers, Halloween (and Christmas) is DIY heaven (or perhaps hell for the dark ones out there). There are so many fun DIY projects that involve costumes, decorations, and food that let your creativity run free. Whether you plan to hold a neighborhood Halloween party, or just looking to save some money, do-it-yourself projects are a lot of fun.

A new DIY Halloween project we stumbled upon doesn’t easily fit into the normal categories mentioned above, though. That’s because it’s DIY Halloween slime! With DIY slime becoming such a popular trend, why not give the trend a spooky twist? It’s an especially fun craft for Halloween if you have kids. Watch the videos below for three fun ideas on how to make DIY Halloween slime. Instructions and ingredients on how to make the slime are also included!

DIY Halloween Sequin Slime

The Halloween sequins can be found at any local craft store. Feel free to choose whatever set of sequins and food coloring you want to make your own perfect Halloween themed slime. We love the combination above, but it could also be fun to use orange or purple food coloring for Halloween. Keep in mind that the slime creator, Trancos, probably chose green in this case to ensure the pumpkin and spider sequins stood out in the slime.

DIY Halloween Eyeball Slime

In the video above, also made by Trancos, purple food coloring was used, and the Halloween sequins were replaced with squishy eyeballs! This might be a safer choice for younger children to ensure there are no pointy edges in the slime. Plus, with squishy eyeballs, literally everything in the slime is smoothy and squishy, which adds an extra layer of fun.

DIY Halloween Spider Slime

In this next video, Trancos made a creepy crawly slime by using small plastic spiders as the ingredient to give the slime a Halloween twist. This idea has a little more of a 3D effect to it than the very first Halloween slime because of adding plastic spiders, rather than sequin spiders.

DIY Halloween Slime Ingredients:
  • 4 oz clear Elmer’s glue
  • 1/4 cup water
  • 1/2 cup liquid starch
  • Food coloring
  • Halloween themed sequins, sparkles, gooey eyeballs, spiders, or any other small Halloween trinkets you can think of

Once you gather these ingredients, add glue, water, food coloring, and your Halloween trinkets to a medium sized bowl, and mix. Next, add the liquid starch and mix until it becomes slime!

There are many Halloween slime ideas to try, so get creative and think of other spooky slimes beyond these three. Another fun idea might be to use red food coloring with small vampire-themed Halloween toys/sequins for a bloodsuckingly gooey slime! Small Halloween toys and sequins like these can be found at a local craft store, on Amazon, or at Oriental Trading Company.