Haunted Halloween Party DIY Ideas

Halloween can be one of the most fun times to gather up friends and family and hold a party. It’s a great way to not only get friends and family together for some laughs and scares, but if you have a creative side when it comes to home decor and DIY, a Halloween party can be a fun way to express that creativity. From simple life hacks to full-blown decorating masterpieces, there’s a Halloween DIY project for everyone.

For those planning on holding a Halloween party, we loved Sara Lynn Cauchon’s (known as The Domestic Geek on YouTube) Haunted Halloween Party DIY Project ideas. She put together two Haunted Halloween Party videos that are full of great ideas for some classic and classy, yet crafty Halloween party decorating. In her first video, she proposes herself that she takes Halloween very seriously, and you can certainly see that in the devilish details of her decorating.

Haunted Halloween Party Ideas Part 1: The Decorations

In Part 1 of her two part series, Sara Lynn explained that the year she made the video (2015), she was hosting a haunted halloween feast. So, that’s the theme of her Halloween party. Each of the party ideas Sara Lynn mentions are listed out below; instructions on how to make them can be found in her video.

Part 1’s Haunted Halloween Party Decorating Ideas:

  • Rat-infested Cheese Board
  • Spooky Specimen Jars
  • Skeleton Ice Bucket
  • Creepy-Crawly Placemats
  • Corked Viles for a Post-Dinner Apéritif
  • Toxic Test Tube Party Favors
Haunted Halloween Party Ideas Part 2: The Menu

Part 2 of Sara Lynn’s Haunted Halloween Party videos consists of the menu for the party! After all, no Halloween party is complete without a deliciously ghastly menu. That’s especially true for one of Sara Lynn’s parties, who is all about making “eating well a lot more delicious.”

Watch the above video for “three eerie, but irresistible recipes” to both “spook and satisfy” your dinner guests. The three Halloween recipe ideas are listed below; the instructions for how to create them are in the above video.

Part 2’s Haunted Halloween Party Menu:

  • Positively Potent Poison Apples for a twist on the classic candy apple
  • Blood-Red Spider Cider
  • Oven Roasted Brains (aka cauliflower!)

With these Halloween party ideas, you’ll certainly be ready for a spooktacular gathering!