How To Cope With Death By Ignacio Ferreras

Death is a difficult thing for anyone to grasp. It’s the one thing you can’t predict when it comes to the day, time, place, and condition. However, it will most certainly come about for every single being on earth (unless you’re a vampire, of course). Learning to cope with death is something that many seek throughout their entire lives, but little find. Film director Ignacio Ferreras has his own take on coping with the inevitable, which he displayed in his short animation “How To Cope With Death.”

Watch the stylized short film below and see how an old, withered woman deals with the Grim Reaper coming for her. It’s a great message to remember in not only coping with death, but in many other aspects of life that feel difficult to deal with and move past.

The film storyline, as posted by YouTuber xSleepyBakazx, is:

“Death, the Grim Reaper, will fall foul of an old lady that appears ripe for the harvest. But the exterior can be deceiving and this is an old woman who knows how they must deal with death.”

Film details, as displayed on IMDB, are:

  • Director: Ignacio Ferreras
  • Writer: Ignacio Ferreras
  • Production Company: Tandem Films
  • Release Date: October 23, 2002 (UK)