How To Tap A Pumpkin For A Pumpkin Beer Keg

A lot of fun DIY projects can be done with pumpkins, from jack o’lanterns, to pumpkin pie, to candles, and many more ideas. One project that may be lesser know, but so unique and easy, is tapping your pumpkin to make a pumpkin beer keg! This is a great way to spice up any drink you plan to serve (literally) if you plan on having a Halloween party.

How to Make a Pumpkin Keg:

Equipment Needed:
  • Large Carving Knife
  • Small Carving Knife
  • Marker
  • Spigot
  • Spoon
  1. Draw an outline of a circle around the stem of the pumpkin with your marker. Samuel Adams recommends a 3 inch radius around the stem. Ince the outline is in place, use your large carving knife to cut out the top (lid) of the pumpkin. Remember to cut the top at an angle so that the lid stays on, just like you would with any jack o’lantern.
  2. Remove the guts and carve out the insides of the pumpkin with the spoon.
  3. Cut a hole towards the bottom of your pumpkin with the small carving knife for the spigot. The hole should be slightly smaller than the hole of the spigot, so that it fits snugly within the pumpkin. You can use the marker to draw an outline first, if that helps with accuracy.
  4. Push the spigot into the small hole you created. It’s okay if a little force is needed; it should fit snugly. Any spigot will work. You can easily find one online, such as on Amazon.
  5. Pour your beer or drink of choice into the pumpkin.
  6. Place the lid back on the pumpkin.
  7. Pour away!

It’s that easy to create a pumpkin keg! If you’re planning to use your keg to serve beer, Samuel Adams recommends that you’ll need at least a six pack, possibly two, to fill your pumpkin.

Pairing a pumpkin keg with a pumpkin flavored beer, such as Samuel Adams Harvest Pumpkin Ale, is a great choice; the pumpkin flavor will be enhanced by storing it inside of a pumpkin, adding fresh flavor to the drink. You can use a pumpkin keg to serve any type of drink, though, as long as a little bit of pumpkin flavor will enhance the taste.