Kitten Watches A Horror Movie

The vertical pupils of cat eyes can be mesmerizing, watching as they change shape depending on the situation. And, of course, the classic eyes and face of a black cat will always be a Halloween favorite. While the kitten in this video may not be the infamous Halloween black cat, this cute fur ball loves horror movies all the same… or is completely spooked by them! Watch the video below and decide for yourself if this kitten watching a horror movie is loving or hating what’s on the screen.

The video was originally posted on Instagram by happycatfamily, a family of four rescue tabbies and one blind ginger. The kitty in the video below was watching Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and this is what she had to say on Instagram: “Holy 💩💩💩 this guy has a chainsaw girl, you dumb? why the hell are you trying to hold that door??? just RUN! Like me 💨😱”

Kitten Watches A Horror MovieThis kitten watching a horror film is the best thing you’ll see today 󾌴󾌴

Posted by UNILAD on Thursday, September 1, 2016

Texas Chainsaw Massacre wasn’t the only horror movie this kitty watched. She also took a liking to the new American Horror Story Season 6 trailers! Watch the kitty’s reactions to the new AHS S6 trailers below.

Holy fluff! 😱 Ahs season 6 trailers are disgusting af! 🎥🎬 #horrorwithtogepi #happycatfamilyvid #americanhorrorstory #anthology #ahs

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