Little Darth Vader Uses The Force To Play The Cello

Even though Star Wars first came out almost 40 years ago now, in 1977, the costumes are still a staple part of every Halloween. You can certainly expect both kids and adults alike to be rocking Star Wars Halloween costumes this year, since Star Wars: The Force Awakens came out December 2015, and Star Wars: Rogue One will be hitting theaters this holiday season.

We all know that some Star Wars fans are super dedicated, having theatrical quality costumes and plenty of memorabilia collected through the years. Here’s one Star Wars fan that may completely blow you away (with his power of The Force, of course), though. Seven-year-old Ryan is a Suzuki School of Newton cellist who has used his love of Star Wars, Darth Vader, and The Force to play quite the tune on his mini classical cello. All while wearing his Darth Vader costume, of course.

Ryan totally nails the Darth Vader Imperial March theme song! Who needs Beethoven, Mozart, and Bach when you can play Star Wars music all dressed up? Give this kid a round of applause and a share! Keep at it, Ryan!