Tiny Halloween Temporary Tattoos For Year-Round Halloween Fun

Etsy seller Junylie found a fun and simple way to bring a little Halloween into your every day lives with some faux body art. She created two sets of tiny Halloween temporary tattoos that make for perfect finger tattoos, and look totally real. The tiny tattoos are of a jack-o-lantern pumpkin face and a bat!

Finger tattoos have become a fashion trend lately, popularized by model Cara Delevingne’s lion finger tattoo. Rock the pumpkin or bat similar to Cara by placing it on the front of your finger and wearing it like a ring for all to see. Or, hide it on the inside of your finger, and sneak a peek at the cute art when you need a little pick-me-up smile for the day.

Tiny Pumpkin Temporary Tattoo

Halloween Temporary Tattoos

This totally cute pumpkin face tiny temporary tattoo is only $4.00 for a set of 10 from Junylie on Etsy! Junylie wrote in the description of the tattoo that the “face measures about 3/4cm.” Get the pumpkin tattoo here.

Tiny Bat Temporary Tattoo

Tiny Bat Temporary Tattoo

This devilish bat tiny temporary tattoo is only $2.75 for a set of 5 from Junylie on Etsy. Junylie also sells a set of 20 of the bat temporary tattoo for only $7.00. Junylie wrote in the description, “the symbol measures a little over a 1/4 inch.” Get the set of 5 here and the set of 20 here.

Apply these tiny tattoos just like any other temporary tattoo. Junylie provided the following as instructions: “Peel away the clear plastic layer and place tattoo in desired location that is clean and free of any oils. Cover with a wet washcloth for about 15 seconds or until the paper backing slides off. Lasts for a few days.”

Whether for Halloween or any other day of the year, these cute temp tattoos will let you bring a little Halloween with you everywhere!