Saw Producer to Remake Pumpkinhead

For better or worse, horror movies tend to get a run-around when it comes to reboots and remakes. From My Bloody Valentine to A Nightmare on Elm Street, no film is sacred. With that said, when a remake is done right, it can certainly be a lot of fun and bring a whole new audience to a classic film.

The most recent film that EW recently revealed will be getting the remake treatment is the 1988 film Pumpkinhead. The film starred Aliens actor Lance Henriksen as Ed Harley, whose son died in a hit-and-run accident. The grieving father seeks revenge against the teenagers responsible, and with the help of a witch, summons the demon Pumpkinhead. The film has garnered quite the cult following through the years, and is certainly a great film to watch around Halloween time (how could you go wrong with a demon monster that’s kept buried in a pumpkin patch that a witch summons?).

While many don’t like the idea of remakes, especially for cult classics, it does seem like Pumpkinhead is in good hands. EW reported that Peter Block, a Saw franchise executive producer, is the person who acquired the rights to the Pumpkinhead franchise. As of now, it’s scheduled for a 2017 reboot, and Peter is currently on the search for a filmmaker to direct the project. In his interview with EW, Peter went through great lengths to explain just how dedicated he is to a proper remake of the classic.

Peter explained to EW, “Pumpkinhead is one of my favorite horror films of the late ’80s, early ’90s. Stan Winston sits on that Mount Rushmore of iconic filmmakers because of his creature designs, and that was his first directing effort. The creature’s great but the emotional story is wonderful as well. I…hooked up with a great young writer called Nate Atkins, and we developed our script, which is really solid.” You can head over to EW’s article to get the rest of the scoop on the Pumpkinhead remake.