‘The Blair Witch Project’ Gets A Brand New Sequel

The film The Blair Witch Project opened up a whole new genre of horror back in the 1990s, scaring viewers in ways they never thought possible and sending people into the woods near Burkittsville, Maryland to determine if the story of the Blair Witch was true.

While the original “found-footage” film was wildly successful, the sequel that was released in 2000, Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2, garnered negative reviews. This is possibly due to the fact that the sequel abandoned the found-footage technique that had made the original so popular.

With the comeback of the 1990s this year, from fashion to Pokemon, also comes a new sequel to The Blair Witch Project. Horror fans in attendance of this year’s San Diego Comic Con got a first look. They were taken by surprise to find out that the upcoming horror movie, “The Woods,” was revealed with a new name, Blair Witch, and will be a sequel to the original The Blair Witch Project! The best part of it all is that it looks like the new sequel will be staying true to what made the original so great. Watch the two trailers currently out for Blair Witch below; one is a teaser and the other is the full-length trailer.

Blair Witch / “The Woods” Teaser Trailer

Blair Witch Full Length Trailer

Blair Witch will be in theaters starting September 16th, so it’s coming out right in time for Halloween season!