This Bird Can Sing The Addams Family Theme Song

Anyone who is a bird lover knows about cockatiels. And, anyone who loves cockatiels knows just how smart they are. A species of parrot, cockatiels know how to mimic speak and can certainly belt out a good tune. The cockatiel in the below video does just that with a very special tune for Halloween lovers.

Listen closely – do you know what the bird is singing? It’s the Addams Family theme song! What a talented little feathered creature! The person that posted this video didn’t include any comments about it, so we’re unsure of the origin. But, maybe, just maybe, this little cockatiel is a pet of Gomez, Morticia, Wednesday, and Pugsley themselves! We can only dream…

Listen to the Addams Family theme song below to compare the cockatiel’s spooky skills to the original tune.