You Can Visit The Real Halloweentown In Oregon

If you love your Halloween movies, you certainly know Disney’s classic Halloweentown series. The series, of which the first installment is named Halloweentown, follows Marnie Cromwell as she learns about her family’s witchy past and that her grandma lives in none other than Halloweentown, located in another dimension. Throughout the series, Marnie grows into a great witch and helps save Halloweentown from evil doings a number of times.

The place I’m speaking of is called Halloweentown

The fabled Halloweentown of the Disney original series certainly looks like a dream to any Halloween fan. What more could any Halloween lover want than a town where it’s always Halloween, with skeleton taxi drivers, trolls, and countless other creatures roaming about? Fret not ghouls and goblins, because there is in fact a real Halloweentown! It may not be filled with ghastly creatures 365 days a year, but this does comes pretty close.

St. Helens, Oregon: The Real Halloweentown

The real Halloweentown can be found in St. Helens, Oregon, only a short 40 minutes outside of Portland, Oregon. With Portland’s popular slogan “Keep Portland Weird,” could you really expect any other town to be only a short drive away? St. Helens, OR, located in Columbia County, was given the nomer “Spirit of Halloweentown” because the movies Twilight and Halloweentown were filmed there! As a result, the town has fully embraced its Hollywood and haunted claim to fame, and, as the official Spirit of Halloweentown Facebook page states, “the Spirit of Halloweentown descends on Saint Helens each October.”

real halloweentown

Recognize the Great Pumpkin? St. Helens displays it, just like in the movie, in front of City Hall for October! [via Spirit of Halloween Facebook page]

The Facebook page’s About section goes onto explain:

Join us for this long celebration of the season. See the giant scarecrows, fall colors and merchants turned to immortal forms as fairies, witches, ghosts and ghouls. We love Halloween and we let it show.”

Sounds like spooky fun! You can check out for information on the town’s Halloween happenings throughout October. Their Official 2016 Halloween Agenda has events like haunted house tours, a scarecrow trail, Halloween parades, pumpkin lighting ceremonies, a Howl-oween 5K Dog Walk, and much, much more. The town literally celebrates Halloween every weekend in October! No tricks, all treats at the real Halloweentown, Oregon. You might even find yourself picking up some witch and warlock powers during your stay!