You’ll Love Spiders After Meeting Lucas The Spider

As much as I am obsessed with all things spooky, scary, and creepy, bugs and spiders have never sat well with me. Something about little critters always completely freak me out. But, I have finally met one spider that has changed all that! If you’re not a fan of creepy crawlies, either, he may do the same for you, as well. His name is Lucas the Spider.

Lucas is no ordinary spider, of course. He is an animated character created by Joshua Slice. Joshua is responsible for the design, modeling, rigging, animation, lighting, and rendering of Lucas. His nephew, Lucas, is responsible for the oh-so-cute voice acting. This little eight legged creature could not be cuter! I’m hoping Disney’s Pixar stumbles upon this short video and makes a full-length movie out of it. Share if you agree!

Watch the full 20 second video: